Product Descriptions

Organic Tofu – Made from organic soymilk, pressed into blocks and pasteurized.
Varieties:Medium and firm
Package:10- and 20-oz. refrigerated vacuum packs (firm)
16-oz. refrigerated water packs (medium and firm)
Serving suggestions:Use in dips, sauces, eggless egg dishes, casseroles, stir-fries, side dishes and desserts.
Health benefits:High protein, meets FDA’s heart-healthy requirements

Organic Grilled & Marinated Tofu – Fresh tofu that has been seasoned and marinated in gourmet sauces, then grilled and cubed. The most convenient, ready-to-eat tofu on the market.
Flavors:Mandarin Orange, Mongolian Barbecue, Royal Thai, and Traditional Miso
Package:10-oz. refrigerated packages
Serving suggestions:Great in salads, with vegetables and over rice or noodles. Ready to eat right from the package, hot or cold.
Health benefits:High protein, meets FDA’s heart-healthy requirements

Organic Smoked Tofu – Marinated fresh organic tofu, baked slowly for six hours in Wildwood’s own smokehouse - no smoke flavoring!
Flavors:Garlic-Teriyaki, Mild Szechuan, and Hickory BBQ
Package:6.5-oz. refrigerated packages
Serving suggestions:Use right out of the package, slice and add to appetizers, sandwiches, or stir-fries.
Health benefits:High protein, meets FDA’s heart-healthy requirements

Organic Braised Tofu – Fresh organic tofu, cubed, roasted, then marinated in Wildwood’s own special sauces with fresh vegetables. Wildwood’s version of a traditional Chinese iron-pot dish.
Flavors:Original, Mexican, Peanut, and Thai Grilled
Package:10.5-oz. refrigerated tubs
Serving suggestions:Use right out of the package or over rice or noodles.

Organic Baked Tofu – Fresh organic tofu marinated in Wildwood’s own special sauces, then baked and vacuum-packed.
Flavors:Teriyaki, Royal Thai, and Aloha
Package:7-oz. refrigerated packages
Serving Suggestions:Eat right out of the package, slice for sandwiches, cube for stir-fry, or julienne for salads.
Health benefits:High protein, meets FDA’s heart-healthy requirements

Organic Tofu-Vegie Burgers – Specially handled fresh organic tofu mixed with vegetables, herbs and spices, shaped into patties and fried or baked, then vacuum packed. Called “ganmo” in traditional Japanese tofu shops.
Flavors: Original (fried), Mexican (fried), and Southwest (baked)
Package:6.5-oz. refrigerated packages, two burgers per package
Serving suggestions:Put in burger buns or use alone as an entrée with rice and vegetables on the side.
Health benefits: Contain 25% fresh vegetables by weight

Organic Tofu Cutlets – Thinly sliced fresh organic tofu, deep-fried in safflower oil, marinated in Wildwood’s own pineapple sauce, then packaged and pasteurized. A traditional Japanese preparation.
Flavor:Pineapple Teriyaki
Package:6-oz. refrigerated packages
Serving suggestions:Slice for cold appetizers, sandwiches and green salads, or cube for stir-fries and soups.

Organic SOYmilk – Produced using organic soybeans and premium ingredients.
Flavors:Plain, Chocolate, and Vanilla
Packages: 1-qt. gabletop cartons (Plain) and ½-gallon gabletop cartons
Health benefits:Classified as low fat. One serving contains 30% RDA of calcium and equivalent vitamin fortification of whole cow’s milk.

Organic SOYogurt – High-protein organic soymilk, organic fruit and sweeteners, five live vegan cultures, and no starches give SOYogurt a superior creamy texture with high populations of beneficials and probiotics.
Flavors: Blue Moon Blueberry, Precocious Peach, Razzmatazz Raspberry, Strawberry Patch, Vivacious Vanilla, and Pleasantly Plain
Package:6-oz. refrigerated cups. Vivacious Vanilla and Pleasantly Plain also in 24-oz. tubs
Health benefits:One serving contains 20% RDA of calcium.

Organic Probiotic SOYogurt Smoothies – Rich vegan alternative to dairy kefir, a “drinkable yogurt.” Made with organic soybeans, fruit and sweetener, SOYogurt Smoothies have high levels of probiotic beneficial bacteria.
Flavors:Mango-Apricot, Kickin’ Key Lime, Wildly Berry, Orange Orange, and Vanilla Spice
Package: 10-oz. refrigerated bottles
Health benefits:One serving provides 20% of RDA of calcium, meets FDA’s heart-healthy requirements

Organic SOY Sour Cream Alternative – Made with organic soybeans, it has the texture and tang of conventional sour cream
Packages:12-oz. refrigerated tubs
Serving suggestions:Use in dips, on baked potatoes, with chips and in recipes.

Organic Aioli Spread – An egg and dairy-free version of the traditional French aioli.
Flavors:Garlic, Creamy Chipotle, and Lemon-Dill
Package:16-oz. refrigerated tubs
Serving suggestions:Use as an alternative to mayonnaise or as a dip, spread or base to your favorite dressing.
Health benefits:Contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and no cholesterol.

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Wildwood Natural Foods, Inc. is a leading marketer of premium organic tofu, seasoned tofu, refrigerated vegie-burgers, soy yogurts, soy smoothies, soymilk and other natural food products. Founded in 1978, Wildwood has been a pioneer in the natural and organic food category and is committed to remaining a non-GMO producer.