April 9, 2003

Wildwood Harvest Foods Announces Launch of
Heart-Healthy, Delicious Probiotic SOYogurts

WATSONVILLE, CA - California’s leading organic tofu maker, Wildwood Harvest Foods, announced the expansion of their extensive line of Soyfoods with the addition of new, Probiotic SOYogurt.

Beginning March 1st, 2003, four delicious flavors of Wildwood SOYogurt will be available on supermarket shelves throughout the West and Midwest, making it easier for health- and taste-conscious consumers to introduce both the benefits of soy and the benefits of active live cultures into their diets.

“There is a significant segment of the population who are either lactose-intolerant or choose to avoid mainstream dairy products for other reasons,” says Ned Skinner, Wildwood president and CEO. “Using beneficial Probiotic bacteria to culture fresh organic soymilk yields a creamy and delicious, low-fat, calcium-rich alternative for those people.”

The four flavors include Vivacious Vanilla (made with organic vanilla extract), Blue Moon Blueberry, Precocious Peach and Strawberry Patch (all made with organic fruit). Wildwood SOYogurts are made with non-bioengineered soybeans and carry the USDA Organic symbol, signifying that at least 95% of the ingredients are grown and processed organically. SOYogurt is heart-healthy, with each 6 oz. serving containing the FDA recommended 6.25 grams of soy protein.

The health benefits of eating probiotic foods was first promoted in 1908 by Nobel-Prize-winning scientist Eli Metchnikoff during his studies of the lifestyles of Russian and Bulgarian peasants. His observations led him to believe that the health and longevity of that population was due to the consumption of large amounts of cultured foods such as yogurt. Wildwood’s organic cultured Probiotic SOYogurt extends that healthy tradition, with each serving containing billions of beneficial, active cultures such as Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus.

Wildwood Harvest Foods’ creamy and delicious SOYogurts are currently available in natural food and conventional grocery stores throughout the West and Midwest, retailing around $1.05 per 6 oz. container. Two flavors, Pleasantly Plain and Vivacious Vanilla, are also available in a 24 oz. family size.

Wildwood Harvest Foods was founded in 1980 and has earned a reputation for making the best-tasting, organic tofu, vegetarian products and soymilk available. The company is a leading manufacturer of seasoned tofu and veggie burgers with a distribution in over half of the United States. Their mission is to nourish human health and well being through the promotion of dietary and agricultural change. Wildwood contributes a percentage of its profits to breast cancer research, agricultural land preservation and other community organizations.

Soy foods are one of the fastest growing sectors in the food industry. In 2001, retail sales grew 16.8%, totaling $3.2 billion, according to SPINS Market Research, a San Francisco-based natural products industry analyst. The 2002-2003 National Report on Consumer Attitudes About Nutrition shows that 28% of consumers eat soy weekly.