Company History

The Wildwood story is one of real people making healthful products they truly believe in. The company began with the core values of quality, innovation, nourishment, and protecting the environment. These core values are even more important today.

1978 — Wildwood Natural Foods is born as a small organic sandwich company in Northern California, delivering daily to local health food stores.

1980 — Led by Billy Bramblett and his three partners, Wildwood embraces a mission of crafting high quality organic foods for a better world. The company begins making organic tofu and other soy and vegetarian items. 

1985 — Jeremiah Ridenour, a local tempeh maker, joins Wildwood in its mission, and word spreads about Wildwood’s unique products. To keep up with demand, a second production facility is opened in Santa Cruz, Calif.

1995 — With a reputation for innovative and delicious organic products, Wildwood added new items such as soymilk and hummus to its line. Billy and Jeremiah’s products are now available in San Francisco and throughout the West Coast.

1998 — In the Midwest, a third generation Iowa soybean farmer named Tom Lacina shares the same core values as Billy and Jeremiah. An expert in soy, Tom creates Midwest Harvest Foods, delivering tofu products throughout the Midwest.

2000 — With the same deep passion for organic products, Billy, Jeremiah, and Tom agree to join forces to help realize their collective vision: to make organic foods an integral part of the American diet.

2001 — Focusing on unique products that nourish the body and protect the environment, Wildwood builds two state-of-the-art certified organic plants - one in Watsonville, Calif. and one in Grinnell, Iowa. Under Tom’s guidance, the Iowa plant becomes the first dedicated cultured soy plant in the United States.

2004 — Wildwood teams up with Pulmuone, a respected leader and innovator in the organic and soy food industry. A fourth team member, Paul Kang, joins Billy, Jeremiah and Tom to continue the Wildwood mission born more than 25 years earlier: to bring Wildwood’s wildly delicious and healthful products to every table in America.

2004 — Wildwood products enter the Los Angeles and New York City markets.