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December 2, 2003

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Holiday Gifts for Liberals?

Mendocino Coast, Calif. You donít have to be a leftie to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

With their 2003 holiday gift basket collection, Thanksgiving Coffee Company - pioneers in Song Bird, Organic and Fair Trade gourmet coffees - pairs quality with cause, ranging from preserving wildlife habitats to international politics. They also donate a percentage of profits to non-profit organizations linked to their products.

Socially responsible selections include:

Make A Difference - Contained in this single basket are products that combat injustice, including the Cuban-oriented End the Embargo Coffee and Save Tibet Tea helping those whose lives are embroiled in political strife. A percentage of proceeds from Bat Magic Coffee are donated to Wildlife Trust and Bat Conservation International, whose work helps preserve bats and their ecosystems. All are Organic and Fair Trade certified, ensuring that producers receive a fair price for their goods.

Song Bird Mystery - Shade Grown Coffee, as opposed to that grown in clear-cut fields, helps prevent deforestation and farmers' reliance on chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Preserving forest canopies also protects fragile ecosystems and the habitats of habitats of over 150 bird species. Along with shade grown light and dark roast coffees, this basket comes with Death of a Songbird, a murder mystery revolving around a birdwatchers' convention and shade grown coffee!

Wyland - Each of the five organic roasts in this basket bear a reproduction of a painting by the renowned and influential marine wildlife artist, Wyland. Founded in 1993, The Wyland Foundation serves to protect our oceans' resources and raise respect for their inhabitants.

Pure Columbian - Though Juan Valdez is an iconic image in the United States, the Colombian Coffee Federation in which Juan and his donkey are employed is less well known. Organizing coffee farmers into co-ops, the Federation has built a price support system to protect growers from an uncertain market. Building homes and hospitals, the Federation has had an enormous impact of the lives of Columbian farmers, their families and communities. This basket contains light, dark and decaf coffees from these co-ops.

Special Tea - Featuring Save Tibet, English Breakfast, and Spearmint, each of the teas in this basket is organic and Fair Trade Certified. Growing crops organically helps to keep harmful pesticides, fertilizers and unwanted chemicals out of the drinking and ground water supply. Fair Trade Certification ensures that producers receive a fair wage for their goods, allowing them to raise their quality of life and to invest in their families and futures.

Additionally, all gift baskets are packed with products you can feel good about giving: gourmet Fair Trade Dagoba chocolates, recycled, handmade calendars from a women's cooperative in Ecuador, coffee grinders, and mugs.

Since their founding in 1972, Thanksgiving Coffee has sought out the best sources for their beans with the aim of providing the highest quality coffee available. Thanksgiving maintains a firm dedication to social justice, setting the industry standard on issues of workers rights, Fair Trade, and environmentally responsible techniques and practices.

Thanksgiving gift baskets are shipped within 24 hours of packing and arrive fresh. Easy to order by calling 800-648-6491, or online at

For more information, please contact Straus Communications at 415-777-1170, or visit or

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