Company Manifesto
Not Just a Cup, but a Just Cup.

For 32 years, Thanksgiving Coffee Co. has produced what is quite simply some of the best coffee in world. Like an estate wine crafted from grapes grown in a carefully tended vineyard, our coffees come fromsmall-scale family farms.

The beans are masterfully roasted by craftsmen who are as serious about roasting as cellarmasters are about their wines. Our coffees are recognized for their intensity, punctuated by a balancedmarriage of acidity and fruit flavors that create medium-to heavy-bodied brews with a lingering finish. The result is distinctive and complex coffee.

But it's more than superior tasting beans and artisanal roasting methods that make our coffee so damn good. It's our world-trekking quest for superior coffee beans, long-term relationships with growers, industry innovation, and our commitment to social and environmental justice both at home and in coffee-growing nations that make our coffee unlike any other.

Paul Katzeff, company founder and roastmaster, is a modern-day explorer who personally seeks out coffee sources from around the world. But just as important as finding the best beans is forging equitable partnerships with coffee growers, a group that has traditionally been on the losing end of the global coffee economy.

It was Katzeff's first-hand experience in the coffee-growing highlands of Nicaragua that led him, in 1985, to create a program to return a portion of coffee revenues back to the hardscrabble farmers who grew it. Other companies like Ben and Jerry's later followed suit with similar initiatives. This same innovative spirit pervades the company today and leads us to challenge ourselves as well as the specialty coffee industry.

For instance, an outside auditor quantified the total impact of our roasting equipment, electricity and other carbon-producing energy uses. To offset our greenhouse gas output, we planted 75,000 trees in Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. Later we converted our truck fleet to biodiesel, a non-petroleum based fuel with almost no emissions. We becamecarbon neutral, the first and only U.S. coffee company to achieve that status to this day.

While we source our coffee from around the world, Thanksgiving Coffee Co. is rooted to our headquarters on Northern California's Mendocino County coast, a land of wool socks, hot tubs, hippies and ex-hippes, salmon-filled streams, and the jagged meeting of mountain and sea. It's a tight little community we call home. Thanksgiving Coffee Co. produces an outstanding cup of coffee, but our mighty beans are also the medium through which we've shown the world there is a better way to do business, at home and abroad. What we produce is not just a great cup of coffee, but a just cup.


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