Farming Partners
Thanksgiving Coffee Co. works closely with farmers in many countries, including:

Laos – Jhai Coffee
Thanksgiving has an exclusive distribution relationship with the growers of this unique Laotian Arabica Typica and is, in fact, the only importer of Laotian Arabica Typica beans in the U.S. The product of reclaimed French colonial coffee plantations, this is a very rare coffee with a complex character comparable with a very fine wine. Laotian farmers grow their coffee under natural shade trees, in high altitude volcanic soil. In 2002, the French organization CIRAD judged Lao Arabica Typica coffee to be one of the “12 best coffees in the world”.

Hawaii – Kona Kulana Farm
Thanksgiving farming partners since 1979, Kona Kulana Farm, owned and managed by Michelle Kauth, has won the Kona Coffee Festival three times in the past seven years and placed in the Top 5 every year since 1990. The long-term, mutually beneficial buying arrangement has provided the financial stability to develop innovative quality initiatives like using “Sonic Bloom” cultivation methods that depend on bird sounds and floral sprays. It’s better coffee, better for birds and wildlife, and tastes better to boot.

Guatemala – La Voz que Clama en el Desierto
Located in the Mayan village of San Juan la Laguna, La Voz produces organic coffee beans that are among the best in the world. In recognition of this quality, Thanksgiving established the Mayan Harvest Coffee blend, and donated $50,000 in proceeds back to the cooperative. La Voz has expanded its infrastructure with these funds, and now annually produces over 750,000 pounds of top-rated coffee.

Mexico – Aztec Harvest Cooperative, Pluma Hidalgo, Oaxaca
Considered Mexico’s best coffee, Thanksgiving supports the Aztec Harvest Cooperative by returning a 15-cent premium directly to the farmers from every package of Aztec Cooperative coffee sold. To date, over $30,000 has been paid, which the cooperative has used to develop their social and economic infrastructure.


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