Our Environmental Program
Thanksgiving Coffee Company’s success demonstrates that business profits, environmental responsibility and social justice are interconnected and inseparable.

Zero Carbon Emissions
After completing a full environmental audit of its factory and entire supply chain, Thanksgiving Coffee committed to planting over 75,000 trees in Ethiopia (the birthplace of coffee) to offset the carbon emissions generated from its operations. Maryland's non-profit Trees for the Future calculated Thanksgiving's carbon dioxide emissions at 553 tons annually (this includes the electricity consumers use to brew 50 million cups of coffee at home) and will oversee the plantings. Thanksgiving also switched all 276 facility light fixtures to energy-efficient bulbs.

Biodiesel Fleet
In March 2003, Thanksgiving delivery trucks became California’s first private fleet to use B100 - pure 100% Biodiesel. Biodiesel is made from renewable sources, such as vegetable oil, and can even be created from recycled frying oil (the same type that is used in fast food restaurants.) Biodiesel eliminates dependence on petroleum diesel while reducing harmful carbon dioxide emissions by 80% and carbon monoxide emissions by 44%
On-site recycling and composting
Determined to eliminate solid waste, Thanksgiving expanded its recycling efforts and reduced its dumpster trash by 66% in 1998. Thanksgiving also began vermiculture bins (worm composting) for their organic waste and now produces over 3,000 lbs of compost annually. The compost is then used as fertilizer on over 55 varieties of heirloom apple trees. The apples, in turn, are sold in the company cafe during the local high school’s lunch breaks as a way to educate students about the taste and history of heirloom apples.

For our efforts, Thanksgiving Coffee Co. has been honored by the California Integrated Waste Management Board’s Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP) for 3 years running. And in 2002, Thanksgiving received the highly prestigious California Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award.

Giving back to the community
In1985, Thanksgiving launched its “Coffee for Peace” program, the nation’s first program to add a small surcharge to the price of a product in order to benefit a charity (Ben & Jerry’s Peace Pops program launched the following year). Thanksgiving has since started multiple partnerships with non-profits, returning 50% of the sales profits directly to the organizations. In 2003, Thanksgiving joined “1% for the Planet,” a new project launched by apparel manufacturer Patagonia, where member businesses donate 1% of sales to grassroots environmental non-profit organizations.


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