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Organic Bouquet is a rarity in the flower industry. It is one of the only companies to sell exclusively organically and environmentally-grown flowers, including the world’s first commercial crop of organic roses. Organic Bouquet’s branding problem was that the existence and benefits of organic flowers were entirely unknown to consumers and the press. Not only did they need to distinguish themselves as thought leaders in organic flowers, they had to educate their audience as to what this meant in the first place, and why such a distinction was poised to inspire significant evolution in the $16 billion US floral industry.

When they approached Straus Communications, Organic Bouquet was planning their involvement in World Environment Day (WED) 2005. The five-day, United Nations-sponsored event would attract thousands of participants to the city of San Francisco, including mayors from sixty of the world’s largest, environmentally-friendly cities. Organic Bouquet’s preliminary strategy included a series of high profile consumer and media events that would position them as the dominant brand in the organic flower market.

However, as WED was an umbrella for an overwhelming number of environmental issues, journalists would undoubtedly be bombarded by a myriad of issue and product pitches. Without a cohesive, stand-out plan, Organic Bouquet’s message would be lost in the noise.

Straus helped Organic Bouquet take advantage of the event in the most targeted way possible, focusing on strategic media outlets and journalists who covered the environmental and business beats. We realized that this event could evolve the Organic Bouquet brand by elevating their story from a product-driven message to one of an environmental pioneer in the floral industry. By crafting compelling, industry-relevant stories, using our issue expertise in sustainable agriculture, and our personal connections, Straus would keep the media tightly focused on the definition and importance of organic flowers — and the critical role of revolutionary companies like Organic Bouquet.

We focused the highest profile reporters, chosen from a vast number of journalists in town covering WED. We then crafted messages featuring Organic Bouquet’s strategic partnerships to illustrate the company’s commitment to the environment. We designed engaging and functional online tools to help these journalists understand the issues and importance of organic flowers.

We used two key announcements to reinforce the positioning of Organic Bouquet as a company that was breaking new ground in the floral industry. The first announcement was the "Eco-Flower Power: Sustainability Trends for the Floral Industry" symposium, which gathered an unprecedented group of international experts, florists and scientists for a hard hitting panel discussion of challenges and opportunities facing the floral industry. The other announced the Veriflora™ certification initiative, which Organic Bouquet had worked for years to establish; this industry-first label was to improve and verify environmental production standards in the floral industry.

Our efforts were a major success and continue to pay off for Organic Bouquet. It is no exaggeration to say that we were able to reposition the company as a leader in the environmental movement. Following WED, 11 of 18 stories have been features or profiles on founder Gerald Prolman, including the Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle and Worth Magazine. The press coverage contributed to a 2000% increase in overall traffic to the company’s website from the previous year and a corresponding spike in sales. Today, the company is sought out for its groundbreaking role in setting the stage to convert an entire industry to sustainable flower production.

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