October 13, 2004 - Biotech Food

There's a revolution going on in the farm fields and on the dinner tables of America -- a revolution that's being fought behind closed doors of corporate boardrooms and government agencies over the use of genetically modified organisms in our food.

Did you know that more than 34% of the US corn crop and 75% of the soy bean crop were genetically modified? As a result, nearly all of us eat genetically modified food everyday, in products with soy oils, corn syrups, cotton seed oil ... you name it.

The Future of Food, a new documentary, unravels the complex web of market and political forces that are changing the nature of what we eat. Food has gone from being a basic need to part of a larger billion dollar battle to control the world's food production.

Join us this week with host host Jerry Kay, publisher of the Environmental News Network, as get an in-depth look at the documentary 'The Future of Food.'

This Week's Guests:
  • Deborah Koons Garcia — Director/Producer, The Future of Food
  • Andrew Kimbrell — Executive Director, Center for Food Safety
  • Percy Schmeiser — The farmer who took on Monsanto
For more information:
  • Read about the film The Future of Food
  • Learn more about the Center for Food Safety
  • Monsanto vs Schmeiser, The Classic David vs Goliath Struggle...

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