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September 8, 2004 - Pharming: The Next War on Drugs?

The next time you're eating rice, do you really want to worry whether it's been contaminated with drugs?

Welcome to Pharming, the new genetic engineering science that turns corn, rice and even animals, into drug manufacturing factories.

The editors of a leading journal in the field, Nature Biotechnology, recently compared growing drugs in food crops to a pharmaceutical manufacturer "packaging its pills in candy wrappers or flour bags or storing its compounds or production batches untended outside the perimeter fence."

In two incidents in 2002, pharmaceutical corn adulterated 500,000 bushels of soybeans in Nebraska and 155 acres of corn in Iowa; the adulterated soy was seized and destroyed, the corn burned, costing millions of dollars.

This week, join host Jerry Kay, publisher of the Environmental News Network, to learn about the recent court ruling regarding biopharming, and its implications in California, Hawaii and nationally.

This Week's Guests:
  • Joseph Mendelson III — Legal Director, Center for Food Safety
  • Paul Achitoff — Managing Attorney, EarthJustice
  • Greg Massa — Rice Farmer, CA
For more information:
  • Read the Center for Food Safety report
  • Read an important ruling in Hawaii
  • Read about Greg Massa

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