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June 9, 2004 - Energy Farming

Growing energy is getting quite trendy.

Nationwide, wind energy is helping farmers supplement their incomes and their own energy needs, while contributing to America's energy needs.

North Dakota, which is over 89% farmland, could meet 36% of the U.S.'s 1990 electricity consumption needs.

Dennis Miller, on national TV, even made a joke about my brother Albert Straus' new poop-to-power energy project (butt more about that another time).

Join host Jerry Kay, publisher of the Environment News Network (www.enn.com), as we explore wind power and the opportunities therein.

This Week's Guests:
  • Peter Asmus — Author: "Reaping The Wind"
  • Charles (Chuck) Koch — Oregon farmer and small wind turbine owner
  • Dan Juhl — Owner / Operator of Woodstock Wind Farm and wind energy expert
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