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May 12, 2004: Mommy, Where does milk come from?

I'm embarrassed to admit this.

When we started Straus Family Creamery in 1994, my sister and I - we were in charge of marketing and education - turned to each other with dismay and asked:

"What's the difference between pasteurization and homogenization?"

Informal poll -- how many of YOU know?

Yeah -- that's what I thought.

On this week's show, we'll be talking about teaching kids about food.

Are you a parent? Planning on becoming one? How 'bout your friends?

Join our host, Jerry "man-of-infinite-eloquence" Kay (and publisher of www.enn.com) and tune in to our show this Wednesday.

This Week's Guests:
  • Oliver Barton — Director, New Haven Ecology Project
  • Zenobia Barlow Director, Center for EcoLiteracy, Berkeley, Calif.
  • Geraldine Coleman — The Mountain School, Vershire VT
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