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April 14, 2004: Mad Cow Disease - What's the real threat?

Many questions remain: Are there more infected cows undetected? What do we know about the number of people infected with CJD (the brain-wasting disease in humans caused by Mad Cow)? Are efforts to address and contain the risk succeeding?

Our guests this week include The Man Who Killed the Mad Cow and the owners of a beef processing plant that want to test 100% of the animals they slaughter ... but the USDA won't let them.

Join host Jerry Kay, publisher of the Environmental News Network (ENN.Com), and find out where's the beef.
  • Dave Louthan -- The Man Who Killed The Mad Cow
  • Dr. Michael Greger -- Mad Cow Coordinator, OCA
  • John or Carol Stewart -- Creekstone Farm, Kansas
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