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March 31th, 2004: Raw Milk Cheese - Scapegoat or Sacred Cow?

Blessed are the Raw Milk Cheese Makers! But only if fear doesn't line the guts of American lawmakers.

Cheeses made from raw (un-pasteurized) milk are some of the most delicious ever tasted. A basic food group that's been around for thousands of years, the future of these delectable edibles is now at the center of a controversy that's got farmers, doctors, politicians and international trade experts furiously slinging cheese curds at each other.

On this week's Beyond Organic show, join host Jerry Kay, publisher of the Environmental News Network (ENN.Com), as we discuss glorious cheese, cheese politics and the 'Cheese of Choice Coalition.'
  • Debra Dickerson - member of the American Cheese Society board, salesperson for Neal's Yard Dairy and Redwood Hill Farm, Oakland, CA
  • Elizabeth MacAlister or Mark Gillman - owner, Cato Corner Farm, CT
  • Artisanal Cheese Center, New York, NY
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