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March 17th, 2004: Sharecropping meets WebVan
If we could award “Worst Name for Best Idea”, then the term “CSA” would win hands down.

Imagine: Rather than going down to Whole Foods or the farmers market for your organic produce, you decide to work directly with a local farmer. You pay a membership fee at the beginning of the growing season, giving the farmer working capital. Then, the weekly harvest is divided up, and every member gets a cross section of the bounty, which is delivered to your house or a convenient nearby drop-off location.

More than a thousand CSA farms in the US serve tens of thousands of customers. It’s fresh, convenient and affordable. Better yet, you learn about the seasonality of food, learning to cook new and delicious dishes.

Join host Jerry Jay as we learn about this new trend, what to expect and how to find a great CSA near you.
  • Tim Mueller, Co-owner and Farmer, Riverdog Farm, Guinda, CA
  • Lori Stein, sire coordinator of Carnegie Hill/Yorkville CSA in Manhattan, co-author of Recipes from America's Small Farms, New York, NY
  • Mary Gold, Librarian, Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, Beltsville, MD
  • Joanne Hayes, co-author of Recipes from America's Small Farms and others, New York, NY
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