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January 7, 2004 - Mad Cow Disease in the US

Mad Cow disease was first reported in the US on December 23rd. The discovery has raised questions about American meat production and processing practices. Today we learn the ins and outs of Mad Cow Disease to get a handle on the human risk.

Join host Jerry Kay as we discuss the discovery of 'Mad Cow' in Washington state, and the potential ramifications on our national food supply.

  • John Stauber, Co-Author of Mad Cow U.S.A.: Could the Nightmare Happen Here?, Madison, WI
  • Michael Greger, Mad Cow Coordinator for the Organic Consumers Association, Little Marais, MN
  • Frankie Whitman of the Niman Ranch, Oakland, CA
  • James Riddle, Organic Policy Specialist at The Rodale Institute, Kutztown, PA