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On-Line Shopping

  • Forrester Research describes the e-grocery/home delivery market niche as “small but with a steep growth curve.” Forrester estimated that 14 million households shopped for groceries online in 2004 and annual sales will reach $17 billion by 2008.
  • In 1998, online grocery sales were estimated at $85 million; by 2002, estimates for online grocery reached $1.3 billion.
  • Home delivery players include companies that focus exclusively on selling through the Internet, and traditional “bricks-and-mortar” supermarkets.

Source: “Online Grocery Shopping: Consumer Motives, Concerns, and Business Models” by Mike Kempiak and Mark A. Fox

Most Popular Grocery Category Purchased Online Percentage
Food 88
Vitamins, herbal remedies and beauty aids 43
Household cleaners 38
Pet supplies 35

Source: Food Marketing Institute, 2000

Organic and Artisan Foods

  • The global market for organic food and drink reached $23 billion in 2002. (Organic Monitor)
  • U.S. organic food sales grew by approximately 20.4 percent during 2003 to reach $10.38 billion. (Organic Trade Association)
  • Demand for fresh local produce has skyrocketed in the United States – in 1970, there were 340 farmers' markets; in 2004, there were 3,706. (


  • The average American consumer made 69 trips to the grocery store in 2004 down from 72 in 2003 and from 92 trips in 1995.
  • "Consumers are shifting their trips to formats where they can either save more money or accomplish more of their shopping in one trip,” according to Senior Vice President Todd Hale , ACNielson US

Source: ACNielsen’s “Channel Blurring” 2005

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