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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where does your produce come from?
    We buy locally as much as possible; commitment to supporting local farmers and artisan produce is one of the core principles of our business. During the winter, when little is grown in Northern California, we supplement from farms in the Central Valley and Southern California. Our tropical fruit, such as bananas and mangos, comes from organic farms in Central and South America.

  2. How do your prices compare to organic retailers?
    Our prices are about the same or less than you would find at an organic grocery store. However, you save time and gas when you don’t have to shop for your own groceries.

  3. How fresh is your produce?
    We order exactly what we need for each delivery day. Our suppliers deliver to our warehouse every morning at 2:00 a.m. and your produce is packed and delivered the same day. Often, the produce has been picked 24 hours or less before you receive it.

  4. How do I know what I am getting is really organic?
    We buy from reputable, certified organic farmers verified by third party certifiers that perform rigorous farm inspections.

  5. Can I get all of my groceries from Planet Organics?
    Yes. Planet Organics carries a variety of grocery items including meat, seafood, dairy and bread, as well as organic prepared meals and organic kid’s lunches. You can even get baby food, toilet paper and all your other household necessities. We also offer an array of specialty foods including artisan cheeses, smoked and cured fish, coffees and teas, tapenade, breads and more.

  6. Do you deliver to my neighborhood?
    We deliver all through the San Francisco Bay Area: south to San Jose, North to Petaluma and East to Livermore.

  7. Can I pick my delivery day?
    No. We route deliveries by area to create efficient routes which keeps our prices low for our customers and most importantly, reduces our impact on the environment. To see what day we come to your neighborhood, type in your zip code on our homepage.

  8. What if I am not home to receive my delivery?
    Most of our customers are not home when we deliver their orders. If you live on a busy street or in a more urban neighborhood, you can mail us your house key to place the groceries inside your home. We are bonded by an insurance company to accept keys for gates, garages, apartments and homes.

  9. On hot days, how will my perishables stay fresh?
    We keep our meat, fish, poultry and dairy in insulated containers with icepacks. For produce, we offer an insulated tote cover which will keep your produce fresh and cool on hot summer days.

  10. Do we deliver to businesses?
    Our service is for home-use, but we are happy to deliver to your office if that is more convenient. For office service, we recommend our partners – the Fruitguys, who specialize in office fruit service.

  11. Is there any minimum number of deliveries I have to commit to?
    No. You are welcome to try a single delivery and you can stop your service at any time.

  12. Should I get deliveries weekly or bi-monthly?
    Weekly deliveries work well for families and people who cook most of their meals at home. For smaller households and people who eat out often, bi-monthly delivery is usually sufficient. You can change the frequency of your deliveries at any time.

  13. How do I cancel a delivery?
    You can cancel a delivery at any time by calling our office or using our Vacation Hold feature on our Web site. Please note that we need 48 hours notice prior to your scheduled delivery day to cancel the order.

  14. What is my “Subscription Order?
    Your subscription order is your standing produce or grocery order which we will deliver to you if you choose not to customize your delivery.

  15. What is a “Custom Order”?
    When you place a custom order, you pick and choose the items and the quantity, but remember a custom order is a one-time order. If you want a custom order every week, you need to do it online.

  16. Which type of order is right for me? A subscription order or a custom order?
    Receiving a subscription order works well for those who like a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, enjoy the "surprise" package of produce, and thrill to the challenge of coming up with a menu after the produce has shown up at your door. It is also great for those who are just too busy to go online (let alone go to the store) to shop. Your subscription order shows up at your door without you having to lift a finger! For those who are more particular, have special dietary needs, or like to plan all their meals ahead of time, the custom order feature is for you. Of course, there are times when subscription order folks will want to pick and choose exactly what they want. And there are situations when custom order folks just won't have the time to go online to order but will still want to get a delivery of food. Then their standing order kicks in to provide them with a great tote of seasonal produce without having to do a thing!

  17. What size tote should I get?
    The size of the tote depends on your eating habits and the size of your household. Generally, $32 of produce is enough for 2-3 non-vegetarian adults for one week. You can also add other grocery staples such as milk, bread and eggs as a standing order for each delivery. Typically, our single person households do fine with one tote $32 every two weeks, while larger households go for a larger tote. You can always change your decision at anytime. Just give us 48 hours notice prior to your next delivery.

  18. Can I vary the proportions of fruit and vegetables in my subscription order?
    Yes. You can specify an even mix, all fruit, all vegetables, or a 2/3 mix depending on your preferences.

  19. What should I do with my empty tote?
    Your produce will be delivered in a sturdy reusable plastic tote. Please be sure to leave your empty tote out on the day of your delivery. We also request that your empty tote not contain any unwanted or unused produce from your previous delivery, as our drivers are unable to place old produce in our delivery vans. In order to keep our costs down, we do charge customers for any totes not returned. The charge is $10.00 per tote. If you return a tote at a later date, we will refund the tote charge.

  20. What methods of payment do you accept?
    Visa or Mastercard credit/debit cards.

  21. Do you guarantee your service?
    Yes. If you're dissatisfied with any aspect of your delivery, please call us immediately and let us know. We'll do whatever we can to make it right. We stand behind our produce and our service one hundred percent.
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