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Make an Organic Connection with OrganicBouquet.com

December 3, 2003 Novato, CA -- Consumers have enthusiastically embraced organic foods, making it the fastest growing segment of the retail grocery business. Now the same environmentally friendly and sustainable approach is being used to grow and sell flowers. Organic Bouquet is the leader in the new organic flower category.

OrganicBouquet.com is a new web site devoted to selling flowers grown without pesticides. It features other socially and environmentally responsible gifts including tree ripened organic fruit boxes, gourmet organic food baskets, and a gallery of handcrafted vases from a variety of countries such as Thailand, Peru and Brazil.

The new website offers visitors a special connection to the world of organic farmers and artisans. Visitors to the site can "meet the grower" or "meet the artisan" and learn about the producers of these wonderful products.

According to Gerald Prolman, CEO of Organic Bouquet, "There are extraordinary people doing amazing things behind the products we consume. Farmers and artisans help make our world a beautiful place. Their special care for the earth or for creating works of beauty deserves acknowledgement. I personally enjoy products more when I have a connection with the producer and know something about the origin."

Prolman continues, "Our flowers have a deeper layer of beauty that comes from the comfort of knowing that the people who grow our products and the land they grow it on are treated with respect."

A pioneer in the organic food business, Prolman founded Organic Bouquet in 2001, after seeing a need for commercial fresh-cut flowers to be grown in a sustainable manner. Commercial flowers are typically grown with fertilizers, insecticides and other chemicals. The United States does not inspect flowers grown here or abroad for pesticides, though it requires imported flowers to arrive pest-free, thereby encouraging the use of chemicals. In response, Prolman encouraged the development of organically grown flowers in the Western U.S., the Netherlands, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and South Africa.

The Company began as a wholesale provider of organic fresh cut flowers to leading upscale natural food retailers. Whole Foods Markets were among the first retailers to feature the Company's organic flowers.

Today, Organic Bouquet's flowers and its entire gift line including, organic gourmet food baskets, organic fresh fruits and hand-crafted vases can be purchased through its new gifting site, www.OrganicBouquet.com

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