Reconnecting Farmers and Consumers

Each action we take in deciding which foods to buy, grow, or eat creates a very different future for ourselves and the Earth. In our highly urbanized society, we are far removed from the sources and origins of the food on our table as we line up in supermarkets to buy slickly packaged foods about which we know very little. But when we actively connect to our local food system – through buying foods directly from farmers, asking stores and restaurants to carry locally-grown foods, and even visiting the farms in our region – we regain a lost connection with how our food is grown.

To ultimately succeed in transforming our food system, we must initiate a campaign to promote a new vision of agriculture that embraces ecological protection and social justice – a campaign to promote an agriculture and a food consciousness that is Organic & Beyond.

The Organic & Beyond Campaign

To fulfill this vision, the Center for Food Safety created the Organic & Beyond™ campaign, a broad coalition of environmental and agricultural organizations working to promote safe and healthy food systems. As its name implies, the Organic & Beyond campaign seeks to maintain strong national organic standards and to promote agriculture that is:

The ultimate goal of this campaign is to replace the industrial agriculture model with a new vision of farming and the natural world.

JoinUs to Create a New Food Future

The new agrarian consciousness advocated in the Organic & Beyond campaign seeks to reestablish our relationships with nature, the farmer, and the land. Yet we cannot do this if we remain food “consumers,” destroying and wasting our lands and farm communities. We must learn to be “creators,” and truly see and understand that each action we take does make a difference. Please join us in this unprecedented campaign to encourage a culture of creators for a new food future.

What You Can Do:

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