ANDREW KIMBRELL — Public interest attorney, editor of Fatal Harvest, and executive director of the Center for Food Safety in Washington, DC. He is a nationally recognized expert on genetic engineering, organic standards, and the patenting of life. He was named as one of the world’s leading 100 visionaries by Utne Reader in 1994.

JASON MCKENNEY — Owner and principal grower for Purisima Greens farm in Half Moon Bay, a small-scale organic farm that operates primarily as a community supported agriculture (CSA) project and also distributes produce locally to farmers’ markets, restaurants, and retail stores in the Bay Area.

VANDANA SHIVA — Internationally acclaimed activist, critic of globalization and industrial agriculture, and author of Monocultures of the Mind and Stolen Harvest. Based in New Delhi, India, Dr. Shiva is a renowned physicist, and was recently named the fifth most powerful person in Asia by Asia Week.

ANNIE SOMERVILLE — Executive Chef at Greens Restaurant in San Francisco. She has earned a national reputation for her imaginative approach to vegetarian cooking. Somerville is a popular teacher of cooking classes throughout the Bay Area, and is the author of Fields of Greens: New Vegetarian Recipes from the Celebrated Greens Restaurant.

REBECCA SPECTOR — Campaign director for the Center for Food Safety’s Organic & Beyond campaign, based outside San Francisco, and associate editor of Fatal Harvest. Previously with Mothers & Others for a Livable Planet, she specializes in consumer advocacy campaigns to promote organic and locally based food and farming.

ALICE WATERS — Award-winning chef, food activist, owner of Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley, and author of numerous books including Chez Panisse Fruit and Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook. She is renowned for creating food as ritual to enhance our human relationships with each other.