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 The Straus Alert . "No More Preaching to the Choir" 
April 2002 
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  • Organic Armenia!!
  • A Rose by any other name ...
  • The Organic & Beyond Campaign
  • Meet our Team ...

  • Organic Armenia!!
    In the dead of winter, Michael hopped a former-Aeroflot airlines flight - (the fact that it was a Boeing only slightly compensated for the panic-stricken moment of reckoning when the flight attendants, just moments before take-off, were scolded over the intercom by the pilot for ... forgetting to close the emergency exit doors!!) - to tiny Armenia -- the former-Soviet republic sandwiched between Turkey and Azerbaijan, Iran and Georgia. The mission - get organic agriculture off the ground!!

    Ten days of meetings later (including the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and more than a few encounters with the guys down the street who had a special stash of apricot vodka moonshine), we left (barely ... remind me to tell you about flight home sometime) realizing that Organic Armenia could be a VERY real possibility.

    Some of our findings ...

    A Rose by any other name ...
    So I changed the name of my business ...

    "Beyond Organic" and "Beyond Organic Communications" live! Just last month, we received (after a three year process) the USPTO registered Trademark on "Beyond Organic." We are planning to use it as the name of our food & agriculture project group, and eventually spin it off into a non-profit education and communications organization.

    Whattcha think of our new motto:

    "No More Preaching to the Choir"

    If we're going to ramp up the rate of public awareness and promote change in areas such as safe food and a healthy environment, then we must include everyone who cares about these issues. This means cutting out jargon and speaking to the heart of issues as they affect our daily lifes.

    Slowly but surely, reports about the horrors of modern agriculture, and examples of people making positive changes in their communities, are getting public attention.

    Check out 'Recent Media' and 'Related News and Articles' ...

    The Organic & Beyond Campaign
    This Spring, the Center for Food Safety (Washington, D.C.) will launch a groundbreaking effort to promote agriculture that is local, small-scale and family operated, biologically diverse, humane, and socially just.

    The ultimate goal of this campaign is to replace the industrial agriculture model with a new vision of farming and the natural world. Straus Communications has been tapped to spearhead the public and media relations - so, stay tuned for updates and developments.

    More about the campaign ...

    Meet our Team ...
    Our updated website now includes many of our wonderful and talented network of staff and consultants.

    We are building, essentially, a public relations and marketing 'SWAT' team, pooling talents from around the country (and internationally) on a project-by-project basis. This allows us to partner with professionals with a wide variety of talents and regional contacts.

    Our in-house staff provide the research, logistical and program support that help keep our project costs low. Thus, as we continue to expand our business, we are able to deliver both great results AND value for our clients.

    Meet the Team ...

    Beyond the Organic Consumer
    No better way to talk about sustainable agriculture than with ... FOOD!! So we developed a food column focusing on great recipes, organic food and local agriculture, reaching over 500,000 readers every two weeks ...

    Read the columns ...

    . Quick Links...

    NEW BOOK - Fatal Harvest: The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture

    Find a Farmers' Market near you!

    Our clients ...


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