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Client: MALT, Straus Family Creamery
Cold comfort Straus Family Creamery
Marin Independent Journal
July 14, 2003
Coffee company turns to biodiesel Thanksgiving Coffee Company
Press Democrat
July 4, 2003

Client: Fatal Harvest
A different, more optimistic view of Half Moon Bay's farmland Buy Fresh, Buy Local
San Francisco Chronicle
May 2, 2003
A Chicken in Every (Real Media) Chicken Video
Public Radio International
March 7, 2003

Client: Fatal Harvest
Soy Partnership an Alternative for Growth Wildwood Harvest Foods
February 23, 2003
Video helps city people raise chickens Chicken Video
Capital Press
February 7, 2003

Client: WK Kellogg Foundation
ANALYSIS: Health is taboo in feeding information on organics CCOF
Straus Communications

January 13, 2003
North of San Francisco, Cream Rises to the Top MALT
Straus Family Creamery

New York Times
December 25, 2002
Organic flowers next step to chemical-free gardening Novato grower is a pioneer Organic Bouquet
San Francisco Chronicle
October 30, 2002

Client: Fatal Harvest
Big business gobbling up small organic farms Issue - New Organic Law
Cascadian Farms
PCC Natural Markets

USA Today
October 28, 2002
With federal standards pending, some want to go "beyond organic" Issue - New Organic Law
Center for Food Safety
David Retsky, Organic Farmer

Associated Press
(national wire)
October 19, 2002

Client: Fatal Harvest
A Definition at Last, but What Does It All Mean? WK Kellogg Foundation
Marin Organic
ISSUE: National Organic Rule

New York Times
October 16, 2002
USDA report on new organic law Issue - New Organic Law
AgDay TV
October 13, 2002

Client: Bioneers
Organic Rules: Government's new standards aim to take the guesswork out of buying organic food Wildwood Harvest Foods
Straus Family Creamery
Local Harvest
Organic Consumers Association
Center for Food Safety

Oakland Tribune
October 09, 2002
Consumers cry out against corporate farming Fatal Harvest
Oakland Tribune
October 09, 2002

Client: Media Resource Center
Organic food companies in tussle over anti-biotech labels Organic Consumers Association
Associated Press
October 04, 2002
¡LAS SALSITAS! - Women craft Mexican salsas as way to learn English All Thing Organic Festival
San Francisco Chronicle
September 25, 2002

Client: Fatal Harvest
Jewish farm girl comes of age in comic Fringe show Getting It Wrong
San Francisco Chronicle
September 06, 2002
"Future Pharmers" ISSUE - Biotech "Pharming"
San Francisco Chronicle
August 12, 2002

Client: Media Resource Center
`Secrets of Salsa' authors whipping up batches at festival All Thing Organic Festival
San Jose Mercury News
July 31, 2002
S.F. businessman evolves from clothier to eco-philanthropist Fatal Harvest
San Francisco Chronicle
July 15, 2002

Client: Taproot
Going for green: US cotton market in an ecological revolution ISSUE - Organic Cotton
International Market News
July 4, 2002
Subscription farming changes food markets Community Alliance with Family Farmers
Local Harvest

AP Wire (National)
July 3, 2002
Direct sale of meat benefits ranchers, consumers 2nd Annual Farm Fiesta
San Jose Mercury News
June 19, 2002

Client: Media Resource Center
Immigrant Farmers Band Together 2nd Annual Farm Fiesta
San Jose Mercury News
June 17, 2002
Farm Supporters Enjoy Fruits of Investments Community Alliance with Family Farmers
San Francisco Chronicle
May 31, 2002
Oink Naturel: The Real Way To Raise Pigs And Eat Pork Niman Ranch
May 15, 2002

Client: Food First!
Counting sheep - Local ranchers battle to keep California lamb on the table Niman Ranch
San Francisco Chronicle
April 10, 2002
Life After Webvan Niman Ranch
San Francisco Chronicle
March 6, 2002
Organic farmers to sell on Web America Fresh
Local Harvest

USA Today
November 12, 2000
"The West Marin Way" Straus Family Creamery
Tomales Bay Foods
The Wind Harvest Company
Coyuchi Organic Cotton Bedding

Pacific Sun
March 1999

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