Research Links

Nuts: Health & Nutrition

  • FDA site for Trans Fat Information

  • “World’s Healthiest Foods” website

  • Doctors’ website citing the American Institute for Cancer Research; World Cancer Research Fund, and the Almond Board of California

  • International Tree Nut Council – Includes 17 pages of journal citations for nut-health related articles

  • International Tree Nut Council memo heralding FDA pro-nut/heart position

  • Almonds and cholesterol benefits from the American Heart Association

  • Results of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Study and The Harvard School of Public Health Study, appeared in the International Journal of Obesity. Discusses the Mediterranean diet, and the nut/health connection.

  • Study: Almonds help dieters lose weight

    Nuts: Allergies

  • FDA outreach including tree nut allergy info

  • Tree nut article citing the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

    Nuts: Additional Information

  • Oxalates: New Zealand and Swedish collaborative research report

  • Aflatoxin: Environmental Health and Safety Online website