Honey Sweetened Q&A;

Q: Why is MaraNatha’s Honey Peanut product called a “spread” instead of “butter” like the Honey Almond item? And why does it say “contains 85% peanuts?”
A: The Food and Drug Administration has a “standard of identity” that requires any products labeled as “peanut butter” to have at least 90 percent peanuts. If the item is less than 90 percent, it must list the percentage of peanuts rounded to the nearest five. We crafted our Honey Peanut spread with more than 10 percent sweetener to produce the best flavor, which we feel is much more important than being able to call the product peanut “butter.”

Q: What are the Organic Honey Crystals that are used to sweeten MaraNatha’s new honey items and are they really organic?
A: We use Organic Honey Crystals in all three of our new honey items. This QAI certified organic sweetener is a blend of organic cane sugar and organic honey. Organic cane sugar is grown and produced without harmful chemicals and fertilizers. Organic honey is produced by beekeepers who keep their hives in pollination areas that are free from pollution and chemical-based agriculture. Organic beekeeping is often more labor intensive because organic beekeepers harvest the honey without first killing off the bees with chemicals, a common practice in non-organic honey production.

Q: Did MaraNatha make honey sweetened products in the past?
A: Yes. More than 10 years ago we produced a delicious Honey Almond Butter but the product was perhaps ahead of its time so we discontinued it. Now, flavored items are increasingly popular, with demand for more variety and convenience in nut butter products and spreads. We’re very excited to be offering our new honey items that will satisfy nut butter eaters of all ages!