Company History

The story of Loriva® Culinary Oils began in the late 1970s when founder Bill Robertson and a friend invented the first non-chemical method to hull sesame seeds. He later developed a patented method to “cold press” hulled sesame seeds to create a new extra virgin grade of sesame oil with superior aroma and flavor, and longer shelf life.

In 1985, Robertson launched his superior Extra Virgin Sesame Oil under the Loriva brand name. He added an aromatic, rich-tasting Roasted Peanut Oil and a delicate, nutty-flavored Safflower Oil – completing the company’s first line of gourmet culinary oils. The line sold in gourmet specialty stores in the eastern United States, where Loriva gained consumer support from food enthusiasts and chefs alike. Soon, the mounting popularity of the oils required expanded distribution and the creation of new varieties.

As more high quality, cold-pressed oils were added to the line, distribution expanded throughout the United States and into Canada, in specialty stores and larger grocery chains. Loriva now makes 14 varieties and continues to be a leader in producing and marketing delicious culinary oils.

In 1999, after a tasting by top chefs, Loriva was awarded the gold medal for best line of culinary oils by the American Tasting Institute.

In February 2000, Loriva was acquired by nSpired™ Natural Foods, which owns many leading natural foods brands including Maranatha® Nut Butters, Cloud Nine® Confections, Tropical Source® Chocolates, AH!LASKA® Organic Chocolate, Sunspire® Chocolates, Skinny® Chips, Cool Fruits® Fruit Juice Freezers, and Pumpkorn® Pumpkins Seeds.