Corporate Overview

NSpired Foods
Profile Leader in the U.S. Natural and Organic Foods industry, appealing to consumers looking for healthier eating and snacking alternatives without compromising taste.
Founded 1998
Ownership Acquired by American Capital Strategies, Ltd. (Nasdaq: ACAS) in December, 2003
Company Principals Charles Lynch, Executive Chairman
Patrick Lee, President
Robin Robinson, Vice President Marketing
Marty Hagge, Vice President Sales
Jeff Williams, Vice President Operations, Ashland
Randy Sieve, Chief Financial Officer
Fred Tabacchi, Quality Assurance Manager
Business Size 80 Employees
  • Maranatha® Nut and Seed Butters
  • Cloud Nine® Confections
  • Tropical Source® Chocolates
  • AH!LASKA® Chocolate
  • Sunspire® Chocolates
  • Skinny® Chips and Snacks
  • Cool Fruits® Fruit Juice Freezers
  • Pumpkorn® Pumpkins Seeds
  • Loriva® Culinary Oils
  • Distribution Available nationally at natural and health food stores such as Whole Foods Market and Wild Oats, and at many larger grocery chains including Costco, Safeway and Kroger.