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A Bi-monthly column by Laurel Miller

Developed by Straus Communications, Laurel's column reaches more than 700,00 Northern California readers, appearing in several Bay Area newspapers including the Oakland Tribune, and the San Mateo County Times. Laurel has attracted a loyal following, eloquently promoting local foods, organic farmers and sustainable agriculture.

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May 28, 2003 Snap up squash blossoms while you can
May 14, 2003 Be on the lookout for wild blueberries
April 30, 2003 Celebrate spring with fresh fava beans
April 16, 2003 Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie is Just the Beginning
April 2, 2003 Farmer goes nuts for pistachios
January 22, 2003 What is it about fennel?
December 11, 2002 Variety of shapes, colors for a whole new world of carrots
November 27, 2002 Blue Bottle Coffee's agenda: Drink less coffee, enjoy it more
November 13, 2002 Improving on wild mushrooms
October 30, 2002 Get to know other leafy greens and how to cook them
October 16, 2002 No reason to feel guilty about avocados
October 02, 2002 Eggplant: Proper preparation makes all the difference
September 18, 2002 Cucumbers have a life outside salad
September 04, 2002 Growing bushberries organically is tricky, but doable
August 21, 2002 Cooking Fresh: Fig farmers gives varieties a new infusion of energy
August 07, 2002 Melon guru says it's all about the heat and the nose -The nose knows
July 10, 2002 Don't delay for sweetest corn
June 26, 2002 Here comes the bush and pole beans of summer
June 12, 2002 Such a small window of opportunity to indulge in fresh cherries
May 15, 2002 Biggest, reddest strawberries aren't always most flavorful
May 01, 2002 Artichokes' versatility finally catching on
April 17, 2002 Delta asparagus: Moister soil, better flavor, fewer pesticides
April 03, 2002 Honey gives local flavor a new meaning
February 20, 2002 California's many varieties of citrus are cure for winter blues
February 08, 2002 Underwood best in organic bread at Brickmaiden Breads
January 23, 2002 What's even better than pasta? Fresh organic pasta
January 10, 2002 More than just 'good for you': improving braising greens image
December 12, 2001 Artisan olive oil captures the flavor of California
November 28, 2001 Talent, commitment go into every jar of artisan jam
November 13, 2001 A Taste for Apples and Pears
October 31, 2001 Winter squash is too resilient to ignore
October 17, 2001 Persimmons, Asian Pears delicious fruits of autumn
October 02, 2001 Sweet peppers that will ring your bell

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