Cocoa Origins
Venezuela In recent years, the gourmet chocolate market worldwide has highlighted Venezuelan cocoa beans as among the best in the world, with many examples of exquisite chocolates bearing the names of bean varieties, regions and plantations. Venezuela offers no less than 9 distinct types of flavor beans within a production of approximately 14,000 MT. Corigins’ deep experience in this market assure that the best Venezuelan cocoa reaches our customers.
Trinidad Located just 20 miles off Venezuela’s Paria Peninsula; the Corigins team has been involved with Trinidad as a long-term source, collaborating with both the Island’s Cocoa Industry Board and the Cocoa Research Unit of the University of the West Indies.
Jamaica The Cocoa Industry Board of Jamaica is working closely with Corigins to improve quality, re-establish the commercial ties once enjoyed by Jamaica and fine quality chocolate manufacturers in the United States. Corigins’ experience and the Board’s interest in re-establishing the U.S. market assures access to this limited crop of less than 1,000 MTs.
Ecuador Producing 100,000 metric tons, Ecuador is Latin America’s leading exporter of cocoa beans and is historically renowned for the fine flavor of its “Nacional” variety. Availability of the limited quantity of the highest quality beans is both our focus and challenge. To narrow this search, the Corigins team is working directly with organic and Fair Trade cooperatives that have established their own fermentation and drying centers to assure that processors reach their highest potential in terms of quality and flavor.
Dominican Republic As in the case of Venezuela, Corigins’ personal understanding of this country, based on years of in-country experience, helps us identify the different quality beans in this approximately 45,000 MT crop. Relationships with farmers, exporters and processors come from two and half years of on-the-ground experience.
Ghana Producing 450,000 MT per year, Ghana is one of the most important cocoa origins in the world. Ghana’s reputation for good, reliable quality is based on the Government’s strict control of the sector. Within this vast production, Corigins works with Kuapa Kokoo Union, the only Fair Trade Certified cooperative in Ghana, with a production of approximately 15,000 MTs per year.