What are the supply issues facing natural food companies today?

Securing a consistent supply of high quality, food grade ingredients is increasingly difficult, with suppliers struggling to keep up with rapidly growing demand. Quality can fluctuate dramatically, causing significant variations in the taste experience of the final product that the consumer purchases.

What does integrity of supply mean?

Ingredients travel through a number of hands, docks, pallets, and warehouses on their path to their final destination. As the market for organic and natural products expands, there is a corresponding need for extensive documentation that can trace the path of the supply chain, from country of origin to final destination.

Why is Corigins able to supply higher quality ingredients?

Corigins team members have been working with producers and farmers for decades, playing an integral role in increasing product quality. Our team has helped establish quality control protocols, HACCP plans, helped to finance new production facilities and trains farmers, cooperative members and factory owners on techniques designed to improve taste, texture and other quality characteristics. As a company of ED&F; Man, we have the global resources and logistics capabilities to insure the integrity and chain of custody of products we deliver.

Why is traceabilty so important to natural foods manufacturers?

Manufactures, especially those working with specialty ingredients including organic and Fair Trade, are required to provide detailed documentation. Complex product formulations can mean dozens or hundreds of ingredients, multiple sources, batches and lot numbers. Having an accurate and efficient method for tracking this information, especially when faced with a product recall, is critical. Our traceability embraces the ingredient product moving forward in the food chain as it becomes a consumer product, allowing Corigins customers (and subsequently their customers) the ability to participate in the system of traceability. As a result, you can simply enter the UPC code, the lot code of the consumer product may be traced to origin, showing every lot number of every ingredient in the supply chain.

What role does technology play in traceability?

Despite technological improvements, most manufacturers, certifiers and other agents still use, at best, Excel spreadsheets. The Corigins’ system allows for on-line application completing, storage, tracking – in short, a one-stop documentation system tailored for the food industry. We can utilize technology to do more than trace. We can map farms, scan the farms by satellite at random to check for prohibited use chemicals, and further ensure the integrity of the reporting for organic. Additionally, certification documentation can be included, from farmer and certifiers applications, to inspection reports all they way to the consumer if required.