ED&F; MAN — Company Profile

ED & F Man Holdings Limited is an employee-owned company incorporated in England and Wales, with over 4,000 employees worldwide.

The Group's primary business is the sourcing, delivery and distribution of Sugar, Molasses, Cocoa, Coffee and Alcohol to end users around the world, including food and beverage manufacturers, farmers and other industrial users. These activities are supported by integrated teams of experts in research, physical brokerage, freight, futures and risk management.

ED&F; Manís origins are in James Man's cooperage business founded in 1783. The present name dates from 1860, when James' grandsons, Edward Desborough and Frederick Man, ran the firm.

The business operated as a partnership until 1994, when the Man Group was floated on the London Stock Exchange. In 2000, the Man Group separated into two parts, with the Financial Services division retaining its listing on the Stock Exchange as Man Group PLC, and the Agricultural Products division returning to the status of a private company owned by its employees as ED&F; Man Holdings Limited.

Within these businesses, the Group has assets devoted to storage, sugar refining, shipping and product preparation for specific markets. As an extension to its molasses business, the Group has developed broadly based activities in bulk storage for third parties and animal feed blending and distribution, primarily in the USA.

ED&F; Man programs include:

  • A leading supplier and distributor of sugar with a significant proportion of cross-border trade world-wide.
  • An extensive global network
  • Long-term historical links and partnerships with key multinational producer groups
  • A recognized supplier to key multinational industrial users
  • Important joint venture relationships in shipping, refining and distribution

  • A leading supplier and distributor of molasses and liquid feed products
  • Sales and distribution are concentrated in the EU and the USA
  • A complementary third party bulk liquid storage business, primarily in the USA

  • Sources and supplies alcohol, primarily for use as ethanol in the petroleum industry

  • A leading supplier of cocoa beans and semi-processed products to food and confectionery industries
  • Its own operations in the major producing countries

  • Though subsidiary Volcafe, coffee business focuses on value added and specialty markets
  • Operates throughout the coffee supply chain from sourcing and merchanting to blending and exporting