Company Bios

Bruce Kirk

As president of Corigins, Bruce brings to the company an unparalleled background in the natural and organic ingredients sector.

Before heading Corigins, Bruce directed the natural products division of Florida Crystals Corp., positioning the company as an industry leader in the all natural and certified organic sweetener categories. Bruceís experience over the past two decades includes the successful launch of two entries into the sugar market; Sucanat, Inc. and CrystalSweet, Inc., which he developed into highly respected and recognizable international brands. Combining his knowledge of organic and natural ingredients market, with a concern for food security, Bruce founded FoodTrace Inc., to answer what he saw as a need for comprehensive food traceability systems.

Bruce is an active member in a number of organic industry and food technology organizations including: the Organic Crop Improvement Association, the Organic Trade Association, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, the Rodale Institute and the Institute of Food Technologists.

Christophe Armero
Chief Executive Officer

Chris developed the idea behind starting Corigins after noticing that the evolving needs of specialty ingredient users were going unmet. By pulling together the Corigins team headed by Bruce Kirk, ED&F; Man has been able to leapfrog into a leadership position in the natural and organic ingredient world.

Chrisí background is in international business development with a focus on sugar and sweeteners. During a 23-year career he has worked for Imperial Sugar and Domino Sugar in the US and for multinational Tate & Lyle in Mexico, the UK and Spain. He holds a BSC in Economics from the London School of Economics

Marlon L. Sequeira
Director of Operations

Marlon has more than 25 years of experience in the food industry focusing on sugar, dairy, water and fruit juices.

Before joining Corigins he was the organic sugar program manager for seven years at Florida Crystals. He previously worked for supermarket chain Publix where he was in charge of the quality assurance department.

Marlon holds a bachelorís degree in chemistry from Florida International University and has studied food safety, sanitation and HACCP programs. He is an IOIA certified organic inspector and a member of the American Chemical Society, the Institute of Food Technologists and Americaís Registry of Outstanding Professionals.

John Kehoe
Director of Specialty Sales

John comes to Corigins with extensive international experience in building long-term direct relationships between producer organizations and the specialty ingredient industry.

Previously he was founder and managing director of EcoTrade which focused on the development of certified organic, fine flavor and fair trade cocoa for the North American market. John began his career in Venezuela as a commodities broker working with the government cocoa monopoly and upon its dissolution building relationships with the co-opís local producer organizations facilitating their entry into the international market. Following a 12-year stint in Venezuela, John continued his specialty cocoa education in the Dominican Republic, managing ED&F; Manís Dominican producer relationships and learning to distinguish between fine quality beans from single plantations and specific valleys.

John is a member of the Organic Trade Association, the Cocoa Merchantís Association of America, the Specialty Coffee Association of America, Rainforest Alliance and Conservation International.