A New Paradigm in Sourcing Organic and Natural Ingredients

A new leader in organic and natural ingredients, Corigins is a division of the ED&F; Man Group – the largest global supplier of sugar, cocoa and coffee.

Imagine you’re …
  • A natural foods manufacturer – needing a reliable source of high quality ingredients.
  • An organic certifier – required to provide an in-depth, internationally documented audit trail.
  • A natural products retailer – suddenly faced with a product recall, or wanting to provide customers with the tools to research the origins of their goods.
Consider the …
  • Ingredient suppliers – often more concerned about selling volume, rather than providing total value.
  • Commodity sector – a labyrinth of growers, brokers, exporters, importers, shipping agencies, certification agencies, and government regulations.
  • Bioterrorism Act of 2002 – with newly imposed and extensive traceability requirements.
Now, imagine a supplier that is …
  • One of the world’s largest food ingredient suppliers, with 4,000 employees in 90 countries.
  • Run by the most experienced team in the organic/natural ingredients sector.
  • Using cutting-edge technology that allows for complete supply chain verification.
  • Committed to Organic and Fair Trade products, and working directly with farmers to improve living standards.
  • Providing customized blending and formulation services to help reduce launch time, improve production efficiency, maximize the quality and taste of foods, and create product differentiation in the marketplace.
Corigins …

Corigins’ management team is led by Bruce Kirk, former owner of Sucanat natural cane sugar. Bruce later spearheaded Florida Crystals’ development into a leading natural sugar supplier, and served as president of the Organic Crop Improvement Association. Corigins product line includes:
  • Sugar (Organic) – Origins: Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay
  • Sugar (Natural) – Origins: Colombia, Brazil and producers from around the world.
  • Cocoa and Cocoa products – Fair Trade, Organic, Single Origins; Origins: Venezuela, Madagascar, Ecuador, Jamaica, Trinidad, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Ivory Coast.
  • Flavors and complementary ingredients

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