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AcresUSA Conference The nationís premier event for commercial-scale sustainable and organic agriculture, attracting well over 1,000 farmers and industry representatives.

Association of Applied IPM Ecologists
Association of Applied Insect Ecologists - AAIE provides quality information about pest management while encouraging environmentally compatible approaches and an awareness of IPM.
Berkeley Farmers' Markets Founded in 1987, Berkeley Farmersí Markets offer wide range of organic produce and healthy, locally-produced foods. Together with educational events, cooking demonstrations and live music, their award-winning markets serve as a central meeting place for members of our diverse and vibrant community. A program of the Ecology Center.
Bioneers Conference "No conference on Earth celebrates more fully the possibilities of creating a world that is conducive to life. Bioneers is central to the re-imagination of what it means to be human" - Paul Hawken, Author, Entrepreneur
California Farm Conference Addresses issues vital to the success of California agricultural in the 21st century, and serves as a forum for farmers, consumers, educators, food professionals, environmentalists and policy makers.
Ecological Farming Association (formerly the Committee for Sustainable Agriculture) Produces the annual "Eco-Farm" Conference. This annual four-day winter forum is the world's foremost sustainable agriculture conference, featuring prominent keynote speakers and more than 50 workshops on the latest advances in agricultural production, marketing, research, and important issues.
Farm Fiesta (2nd Annual) - Sponsored by California's 'Community Alliance with Family Farmers', promotes small-scale, organic direct marketing farmers along California's Central Coast. Straus Communications renamed and repositioned the event, generated extensive media coverage (including a national AP story), and helped triple attendance from the previous year.
Getting it wrong A solo-autobiographical theatrical piece written and performed by Vivien Straus. This quirky romantic comedy follows the tale of Vivien, a young woman, who invites a political refugee from Czechoslovakia over for dinner to thank him for a small kindness. It's about what happens - or doesn't happen - when dinner is over and it's time for him to go home.
Northern California All Things Organic Festival The goal of this event is to gather all of Northern California's organic wine, beer, food, clothing, building supplies, agricultural supplies, and other products in one place. This festival will help promote and maintain pure food and water resources, bring suppliers, consumers and producers face-to-face, and enhance the reputation of Mendocino as an organic county.
Sustainable World Symposium Even in liberal Northern California, issues like global environmental devastation, population explosion and widening wealth gap between rich and poor can be enough to make you tune out and turn off ? until now. The Sustainable World Symposium, a one-day ?Think Globally, Act Locally? educational conference, will coalesce in San Francisco on Saturday, June 19th, focusing on converting do-good intentions into practical results.
Taproot Seminars A project of the Center for Sustainable Systems (Hartland, Vermont) is an innovative seminar series focusing on agriculture and leadership training. Themes include: globalization and its impact on food production; multi-functional agriculture; and the role of the Agricultural Extension in a changing agricultural system.
Taste of the Greenbelt Greenbelt Alliance, one of the Bay Area's leading open space and agricultural land conservation organizations, hosts the annual Taste of the Greenbelt - culinary events which celebrate the world-class wines and foods from the Bay Area's Greenbelt of farms and open space.

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