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W.K. Kellogg Foundation “Food & Society” Initiative (F.A.S.) is based on a vision of

"Be a Local Hero, Buy Locally Grown" campaign
is a community organization dedicated to sustaining agriculture in Western Massachusetts by strengthening the relationships between farmers and consumers. CISA encourages all Western Massachusetts residents to buy locally grown! Our local farms provide us with delicious, fresh food, preserve open space and support our local economy.

California Farm Link serves as a clearinghouse for resources related to intergenerational farm transfers. California FarmLink's team of staff and consultants include expertise in estate planning, land-use law, and farm-management/business planning.
California Food & Justice Coalition

Community Alliances of Interdependent Agriculture (CAIA)
seeks to enable people to create food and farming systems which improve and sustain ecological, economic, and social health through systemic, community-based, self-organizing governance.

Hickman + Associates provide strategic communications planning, advertising, public relations, and Interactive media.
The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy promotes resilient family farms, rural communities and ecosystems around the world through research and education, science and technology, and advocacy.
Marin Organic Marketing Program is the nation's first marketing program which combines organic certification, regional identification and a set of guiding principles that encourages wildlife habitat protection, site specific water and soil conservation practices and community-based and socially-just economic practices.
Organic Farming Research Foundation's 5th Biennial Organic Business and Regulatory Conference is a leadership retreat for members of the organic industry, fund managers, environmental activists, government officials, and a host of experts from the organic products industry working to grow the organic marketplace.
Organics & Beyond is a campaign that seeks to maintain strong organic standards and to promote agriculture that is local, small-scale and family operated, biologically diverse, humane and socially just. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to replace the industrial agriculture model with a new vision of farming and the natural world.
Peninsula Open Space Trust is a leading private, non-profit land trust dedicated to preserving the beauty and character of the Peninsula's natural resources. Since its founding in 1977, the organization has been responsible for saving over 50,000 acres as permanent open space and parkland in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties..
Refashion Network aims to be a new vision for Fashion and Apparel development and design that integrates eco-efficiency with social responsibility in the delivery of sustainable solutions.
The Rodale Institute works with people worldwide to achieve a regenerative food system that renews environmental and human health working with the philosophy that "Healthy Soil = Healthy Food = Healthy People."
SQM North America is part of SQM, the world leader in the specialty fertilizers market, with an international distribution network of 20 subsidiaries, including commercial offices, warehouses and blending plants.
Sunflower Strategies maintains that supporting the rural renaissance worldwide by helping agriculture and rural communities to increase cooperation, add value, protect the resource base, and thereby enhance sustainability.
Sustainable Cotton Project helps farmers implement practical, organic growing practices, while working to increase the organic cotton market. They have worked with some of the fashion industry’s biggest companies, including: Nike, Patagonia, Mountain Equipment Co-op, LL Bean, Hanna Andersson, and Marks & Spencer (the UK’s largest retailer).
The Food Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting increased adoption of sustainable agriculture practices. The Food Alliance was founded in 1994 by a diverse group of people who shared a common vision of a region where vibrant farms produce healthy food for informed consumers.
The Midwest Food Alliance - Approved farmers bring you Good Food for a Healthy Future. These farmers produce delicious food and have met the Midwest Food Alliance's strict criteria for environmental and social standards.
Vanguard Communications develops and implements advocacy campaigns to help resolve the world’s most pressing problems, focusing their experience and expertise particularly on the environment, public education, healthcare, safe food and farming, children and families, and campaign finance reform.
W.K. Kellogg Foundation "Food & Society" Initiative (F.A.S.) is based on a vision of a future food system that provides all segments of society a safe and nutritious food supply grown in a manner that protects health and the environment and adds economic and social value to rural and urban communities.
Wind Harvest Company is an innovative wind turbine manufacturer, featuring unique vertical-axis design technology. Uniquely positioned to contribute significant amounts of affordable wind energy into the power grid, thereby reducing reliance on non-renewable pollution-producing resources.

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