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September 09, 2003

Environmental Issues Blog Archives
September 08, 2003 | Main | September 10, 2003

Fair Trade Fair & Symposium

Sustainable and Fair Trade Producers from Asia, Africa and Latin America will exhibit a wide variety of Sustainable and Fair Trade Certified Products at the WTO Ministerial.
The Sustainable Trade Symposium and Fair Trade Strategy of the Americas Forum are designed to encourage policy makers, businesses, NGOs and consumers to find ways to work together to support these successful economic models that sustain the livelihoods of small farmers, artisans and workers, while preserving cultures and the environment.
See Also: IATP's "What's at Stake in Cancun"
07:21 PM#

Senate Energy Leader Weighs Options on Opening ANWR

Senator Pete Domenici, chairman of the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, wants a national energy bill to open ANWR to oil drilling. But according to the Associated Press , he will not agree to such language unless he's assured of 60 votes in the Senate, one of his top aides said Wednesday.--Juneau Empire
Republicans insisted last week that Congress finalize a broad energy bill with incentives for oil drilling, coal plants, nuclear power and ethanol, rejecting a Democratic attempt to tackle just updating the nation's electric grid.--Planet Ark

06:05 AM#

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