Fair Trade Certified tea offers consumers an opportunity to choose quality and taste while choosing to directly benefit the lives of tea farmers and pickers.

A more viable cup of tea for everyone
  • Over 120,000 tea pickers and their families are currently benefiting from Fair Trade in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, China, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Uganda.
  • A part of the earnings from every purchase of Fair Trade tea goes into a plantation community development fund.
  • The tea pickers themselves, who vote on how the funds will be used to meet the most serious needs in their communities, democratically control this fund.
  • Long hours and low wages on large tea-growing plantations in Asia and Africa often leave workers under pressure to make ends meet. Fair Trade guarantees that estate owners pay tea pickers at least the local minimum wage, while maintaining safe working and living conditions.
  • Fair Trade is especially important in the many countries where domestic laws providing for decent wages and working standards are not always enforced.

Courtesy of TransFair USA