Sustainable Trade Symposium

September 10-11

Speakers will present examples of thriving sustainable trade initiatives that are making a tremendous difference in the communities of small farmers, fishers, foresters, artisans, and workers. Sessions will look at how WTO rules and current negotiations are affecting small producers and sustainable trade and explore policy reforms and market strategies needed to expand sustainable and fair trade in the North and South.

Sessions will include:
  • WTO Policy Plenary: Making Trade Work for Small-Scale Producers, Rural Communities, and the Environment
  • Scaling up Fair Trade for Greater Impact: What Will it Take?
  • WTO Policy Plenary: Social and Eco-labeling: Challenges and Future Strategies
  • Sustainable Procurement: Key Strategies for Advancing Sustainable Development
  • Fair Trade Within Borders: Creating Domestic markets and National Policies to Support Small Producers

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