• "...when the Chocolate Manufacturers Association said such a [no child slave labor] labeling system could not be done, Sen. Tom Harkin [D - Iowa] handed them a stack of documents from TransFair USA, which certifies fairly traded products such as coffee and teas. "You say it's not possible," Harkin allegedly said, "Here it's already working." - Alternet.org - 02/07/02

  • “There is a real opportunity for the WTO and the U.S. government to incorporate Fair Trade principles in developing new trade rules," stated Mark Ritchie, President of the Minneapolis, MN-based Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), one of the organizations convening the International Fair Trade Fair just minutes away from the WTO meeting. “The Fair Trade movement has flourished largely because the WTO-driven, free trade model has failed to respond to the needs of poor countries,” he added.

  • "Fair Trade in cocoa is increasing incomes and empowering local producers. It is an inspiring example of the new partnership between developing countries and the developed world." - British Prime Minister Tony Blair, in February 2003