California Food and Justice Coalition
Steering Committee - Sept. 2003

Tracey Brieger, Californians for Pesticide Reform
Frank Buck, CA Nutrition Network, Cancer Prevention and Nutrition Section, CA Dept. of Health Services (DHS)
Stacie Clary, California Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (SAWG)
Kate Clayton, Berkeley Food Policy Council
Melissa Guajardo, Health Education Council
Dana Harvey, Environmental Science Institute
Paula Jones, San Francisco Food Systems Council
Anupama Joshi, Center for Food and Justice, Urban and Environmental Policy Institute (UEPI), Occidental College
Neelam Sharma, New Panther Vanguard Movement
Susan Stansbury, Foundation for Global Community
Karrie Stevens, Community Alliance with Family Farmers
Rick Mantley, Los Angeles Community Action Network
Phyllis Preciado, M.D