Steering committee bios

Susan Stansbury, Project Director
Valley of Heart's Delight

Valley of Heartís Delight aims to reconnect people to their sources of food by cultivating enthusiasm and avenues for the production and consumption of locally and organically grown foods in the Santa Clara Valley and neighboring agricultural regions. She has been a community activist in the areas of peace, the environment and sustainability since 1986. She is involved in many collaborative efforts working on food and sustainability efforts.

Phone: 650-328-7756 (x626)
Location: Palo Alto, CA

Dana Harvey, Project Director
Environmental Science Institute, a Project of the Tides Center

ESI advocates for environmental justice and systemic change through education and collaboration. Ms. Harvey facilitates the West Oakland Food Project Collaborative and their effort to build a local-food and locally-owned small business based economy in West Oakland, and increase the communityís access to affordable, wholesome foods. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Coalition for West Oakland Revitalization.

Phone: 510-534-7657
Location: Oakland, CA

Stacie Clary, Executive Director
California Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

CA-SAWG is a statewide coalition of farmers, consumers, environmentalists and farm workers dedicated to promoting a sustainable and socially just food system. She has a 13-year history working with environmental and social justice coalitions, and has extensive experience motivating activists and volunteers, implementing public education campaigns, fundraising, analyzing and shaping public policy, and working with public officials. Stacie sits on the UC SAREP Program Advisory Committee, Western SARE Administrative Council, and the California Food and Justice Coalition Steering Committee.

Phone: 831-457-2815
Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Anupama Joshi, Program Manager, California Farm to School Program
Center for Food and Justice, Occidental College

Anupama manages a statewide initiative promoting and strengthening connections between local farming, agriculture and school children. She has worked extensively on food systems, nutrition and agriculture issues in Asia, including farmer organizing, nutrition education, pesticide related health research, and setting a non-profit presence and agenda in international development programs of United Nations agencies in Asia Pacific countries. She is a Board Member of the California Alliance with Family Farmers.

Phone: 323 341 5095
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Paula Jones, Director
San Francisco Food Systems Council

The San Francisco Food Systems Council is engaged in a number of activities that bridge people to healthy, nutritious, affordable, locally and regionally grown food. Our actions represent a broad and diverse approach that includes community research, capacity building, promoting collaborations and partnerships, policy activities, community organizing and advocacy. Paula's background includes a variety of areas including urban agriculture, community organizing, fundraising and project development. She has focused on projects involving urban food systems including farmers markets in limited resource areas, food assistance programs, food pantries, community food assessments and youth development.

Phone: 415-252-3853
Location: San Francisco, CA

Rick Mantley, Organizer
Los Angeles Community Action Network

L.A. CAN organizes around issues of homelessness and poverty in down town Los Angeles. As organizer, Mantley works largely with African American and Mexican homeless people. He also serves as editor for Community Connections - a community newspaper published by L.A. CAN and the Downtown Womenís Action Coalition. Mantley has also served as a contributing editor to Making Change-the only homeless newspaper in Southern California. Mantley works closely with Los Angeles Coalition to End Hunger and Homelessness on hunger issues and is on the steering committee of both California Hunger Action Network and California Food and Justice Coalition.

Phone: 213.629.2128
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Karrie Stevens, Program Director, Economic Options/Community Food Systems
Community Alliance with Family Farmers

CAFFís food systems program creates market access and cultural linkages between local communities and sustainable agriculture. Projects include educational and direct marketing initiatives like farm-to-school and Buy Fresh, Buy Local, a regional collective marketing plan. Before coming to CAFF, Karrie managed a diversified organic farm in Washington State, coordinated the Pike Place Market CSA during itís start up phase, wrote her undergraduate thesis on Community Supported Agriculture as a tool for social change and spent many years cooking in fine kitchens all over the west.

Phone: 530.756.8518 x14
Location: Davis, CA

Neelam Sharma, Projects Director
Community Services Unlimited Inc. (CSU Inc.)

C.S.U. Inc., is a 501©3 established in 1977 and headquartered in South Central, Los Angeles. Its mission is to foster the creation of communities actively working to address the inequalities and oppression that render sustainable and self-reliant life styles unattainable. Neelam Sharma has a 24-year history of community based organizing on various issues, in London and California. She has served as the volunteer Projects Director for CSU Inc. for the past six years and has been involved in founding and organizing the Healthy School Food Coalition and the Los Angeles Food and Justice Network. She is currently organizing a Food Assessment in South LA where she lives and works.

Phone: 323.296.4383
Location: South Central Los Angeles, CA