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“We, as individuals, are responsible for what is happening in our communities. We must become activists.” – Ellen Straus, 1999

I never expected to get involved in public relations and marketing. But after five unexpected years of helping save our family’s farm, I found myself immersed in the interconnected issues of food, health, environment, and community. I started seeing the need and opportunity to promote solutions for the tremendous environmental problems which surround us.

Straus Communications delivers successful media and marketing campaigns by working on multiple, parallel paths towards a sustainable future – forging a vibrant, interconnected network of people, companies, organizations and government groups at every level to transform our economic, social and environmental reality.

Our world is one of delicious foods and incredible ideas, passionate entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, activists and politicians, farmers and teachers. It stretches from the organic goat herds of southern Armenia and the restaurants of Manhattan, to the wind turbines of Scotland and the socially responsible investors on Wall Street. Often, the only thing separating them is the idea that they’re separate.

My parents instinctively understood this interdependence. Simultaneously idealists and pragmatists, they knew that the future of the farm and community which had become their adopted home depended entirely on bridging the artificial divide between environmentalists and ranchers.

When people told mom that it was a losing battle to save farms in Marin County, she co-founded the Marin Agricultural Land Trust – a pioneering organization which has saved tens of thousands of acres from urban sprawl, and served as a model for communities across the nation. Despite being outsiders, my parents earned the respect and friendship of their most vocal opponents, as often with the pen as with an apple pie.

I believe, like my parents, that in order to propel environmental stewardship to the next level, we need new ways to catalyze action and forge community.

The tools we use – from PR campaigns and creating innovative radio shows, to providing information resources for journalists – are all part of an integrated communications effort to expand public awareness and discourse.

Check out our results to witness our ability to effectively translate idealism into brand visibility, product sales and market share.

These are exciting times, and there’s work to be done. Join us.

~ Michael and the Straus Team


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