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Emunah Hauser - Project Associate
Emunah grew up flinging kitchen waste into the compost pit behind her family's earth coupled, energy efficient green home in Redding, California, picking tomatoes from greywater-fed tomato plants, and taking lots of super-hot, sun-heated water for granted. As a marketing advisor for Berkeley’s Saul's Restaurant and Delicatessen, she became passionate about promoting the significance of the restaurant’s socially and environmentally responsible food suppliers. She is excited about ever-evolving definitions of sustainability and the challenges of green PR. Emunah holds a B.A. in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley. Her professional background includes media monitoring, debate instruction, policy research, marketing – and vaudeville, western swing and old-time fiddle/vocal performance and instruction.

Jerry Kay - Multimedia, Pod and Vidcasting Specialist
Jerry Kay is a veteran broadcaster with over 35 years experience and strong roots in the environmental news space. Jerry served as Publisher for the Environmental News Network ( and has produced web, audio, pod and video content focused in the environmental and non-profit sectors. He has a wide background in media, entertainment, science content programming, and the arts. Jerry has been host of the syndicated program On Computers heard in 100 markets nationally and EarthNews Radio heard on CBS Radio.

Adam Stiles - Publicist & Writer
Adam started his career in social media as coordinator of a video and graphic production program for inner-city youth in Chicago. After completing a degree in media studies and political science at Hunter College in New York City, he worked as a copy editor for a major custom publisher and magazines specializing in health and wellness, education, travel, fashion, and environmental news. Adam arrived in the sustainability sector by way of Middle East peace activism. His communications and administrative work for various humanitarian organizations led to a research focus on the renewable energy industry and efforts to establish energy independence in the U.S. Within his own far-flung communities, Adam belonged to a campaign to protect local greenspaces, built bicycles from recycled materials as part of a multi-city collective, and was a working member of the country's largest and oldest food coop in Park Slope, Brooklyn. He is an Oregon native.

Lily Thompson - Brand Strategist
Lily is an expert at brand building and marketing initiatives, with more than a decade of experience helping prominent organic and natural foods companies build their businesses, including Muir Glen, Barbara's Bakery, White Wave, Traditional Medicinals, Spectrum Organic Products, Avalon Natural Products and Straus Family Creamery.

For comprehensive brand development strategy, complete with marketing plans and executable action lists, product opportunity analysis, brand voice and personality enhancement, and web-based marketing initiatives, Lily will help you strategize about your brand and create solutions that meet your consumers' needs.

Arthur Young - Crisis Communications, Management, and Training
Arthur was co-founder of the Crisis Communications Planning and Training program at Hill & Knowlton, one of the top five PR agencies worldwide. He has designed and implemented crisis communications programs for a wide range of companies. Pacific Telephone, Panasonic, Consolidated Freightways, Autodesk, Intel, and Apple Computer are just a few of the clients he has helped.

Before running his own agency, Arthur was operations manager and assignments editor at ABC, CBS, and NBC Network News, as well as New York bureau chief of UPI, and assignments editor/reporter for WCBS-TV News. He is also the creator of the award-winning line “It’s ten o'clock. Do you know where your children are?”


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