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nSpired Natural Foods

nSpired Natural Food is the parent company for a group of natural food brands. The company is continually developing and adding new brands, but until recently, didnít have a way to generate media coverage to support the launch of these new brands, or for their more established ones. The company realized that the quantity and timing of these product launches and category events was a challenge far too great to manage on their own. So they turned to Straus Communications to help differentiate their many brands in the marketplace.

Straus stepped in to manage and integrate this complex set of brands and products into a cohesive infrastructure. The first order of business was to delve into our clients world of tasty treats (chocolates, nut butters and salty snacks) and determine the most compelling product and category messages. Yum.

We then matched the appropriate messages to relevant health and culinary trends happening in the marketplace. This would provide an entrťe and point of relevance for consumers to better understand each of the brands. For example, we took the Maranatha Nut Butters and presented them as an alternative to peanut butter, a current key trend in food. For the Cloud Nine family of chocolates, we focused on the companyís expertise in chocolate to capitalize on the marketís current obsession with boutique chocolates. Straus then developed management tools to get the focused messages out to the trade, the press, and internally at nSpired.

In addition to eating a lot of good food, we developed press kits, fact sheets and digital pressrooms for all brands. We also designed an individual brand-by-brand contact strategy for outgoing messaging (with the exception of chocolate, which was a category strategy). We then prepared and distributed materials to that media which made it easy for journalists to contextualize each category and feature the related nSpired product.

We employed an aggressive program to reach out to the media by linking nSpiredís specific brands to associated trends and stories. This included a strategy for tradeshows and media coverage. Where necessary, we brought in outside industry leaders to help bolster nSpired's positioning as an expert in the field.

Straus generated a consistent flow of media coverage in targeted regions around the country for nSpiredís four food categories that continues today. We created 205 million media hits across all the companyís brands, including over 100 for their flagship brand, Maranatha. nSpired was delighted with the results and our effectiveness, as this exceptional coverage has increased on all levels for their products and company issues.


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