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Arthur Young - Crisis Communications, Management, and Training
Arthur was co-founder of the Crisis Communications Planning and Training program at Hill & Knowlton, one of the top five PR agencies worldwide. He has designed and implemented crisis communications programs for a wide range of companies. Pacific Telephone, Panasonic, Consolidated Freightways, Autodesk, Intel, and Apple Computer are just a few of the clients he has helped.

Before running his own agency, Arthur was operations manager and assignments editor at ABC, CBS, and NBC Network News, as well as New York bureau chief of UPI, and assignments editor/reporter for WCBS-TV News. He is also the creator of the award-winning line Its ten o'clock. Do you know where your children are?

Lila Purinton - Senior Counsel
Lila is the former Associate Publisher/Advertising Director for Mother Jones, Medical SelfCare magazines, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Point Reyes Light newspaper. She has over ten years experience as an independent public relations and strategic marketing consultant, working with natural product manufacturers including Cloud Nine Chocolates, Eco Bella, Eco-Dent, Rainbow Light, and SunRidge Farms.

Stephenie Hendricks - Broadcast Media Specialist
Stephenie has worked as a producer at KGO, KPIX, KQED, KRON/Bay TV, PM/Evening Magazine, and Group W/Westinghouse broadcasting. She is an experienced media coach who has helped prepare clients for national media campaigns on live talk and video magazine format programs on television and radio. She has also placed clients on the Today Show, Good Morning America, and 60 Minutes.

David Visher - Agriculture Marketing Specialist
David is an agricultural expert with extensive experience teaching, writing, and speaking about alternative farming and marketing throughout the United States. He has organized more than thirty farmer education events and conferences including the Tasting of Summer Produce event in Oakland, providing direct opportunities for farmers to connect with chefs and specialty food distributors.

Ali Edwards - Writer, Food Systems Analyst, Organic Farmer
Ali combines a hands-on understanding of organic and sustainable agricultural with her talents and experience in business and project management. She currently manages her well-known organic farm, Dirty Girl Produce, as well as her own catering company.


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